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Ladies in Leather Gloves has been online since 2002 and because of this has been providing fantasies and pleasure to leather glove lovers for all this time. I know what you love about dominant women and truly appreciate how you see a beautiful woman whose hand is encased in butter soft leather gloves, her knuckles tight in the leather, every finger fitting perfectly into their position. The wrinkles slowly and deliberately being smoothed as the leather gloves are pulled into position. Some with points on the back, some plain, but every pair genuine soft leather complimenting the wearers soft female skin.

Mixing the smell of leather with the very expensive heady perfumes these ladies wear is more than most mere males can bare. Come on inside and experience the true pleasure and delights that only butter soft leather gloves worn by beautiful women can give you.

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Karina Zara Nadia Stephanie Caroline
Dominique Vanessa Monique Celine Melissa
Nicole Maria Sylvia Danielle Natasha
Celeste Amanda Sylvia Tania Marje
Karla Francesca Sadie Beth Sammie
Karen Mistress Woo Harmony Ms. Tara Wells Katrina
Emma Becky Brooke Elena Ivana
Kim Kay Lauren Lucy Zara Katie 
June Cindy  Gerry Red Gemma
Dannii Frankie Sophie Alysha Sarah
Leanne Andrea Eva Lady Belle
Gilly Sandie Lucie Kaylee Samantha
Cassie Hannah Shay Kimberly Rebekka
Karrie Nicola Beaux Kat Samantha
Kelly Hayley Victoria Charlotte Heather
Honey Kim Scott Charley Natasha Jay
Caroline Zara Samantha Candi Dani
Charley & Elle Sammi & Zara Axajay Ashleigh Frankie & Louise